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Baroque Favorites Liona Boyd Plays Bach Albinoni Marcello Cimarosa and Vivaldi
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  • Liona Boyd_02_T. Albinoni Adagio For Guitar And Strings.mp3 (12.4 MB)
  • Liona Boyd_03_J.S. Bach Sleepers Awake.mp3 (6.5 MB)
  • Liona Boyd_04_A. Marcello Andante Spicatto.mp3 (4.5 MB)
  • Liona Boyd_05_A. Marcello Adagio.mp3 (6.6 MB)
  • Liona Boyd_06_A. Marcello Presto.mp3 (4.6 MB)
  • Liona Boyd_07_J.S. Bach Air On A G String.mp3 (6.9 MB)
  • Liona Boyd_08_D. Cimarosa Allegro.mp3 (4.2 MB)
  • Liona Boyd_09_D. Cimarosa Adagio.mp3 (4.1 MB)
  • Liona Boyd_10_D. Cimarosa Allegro.mp3 (5.1 MB)
  • Liona Boyd_11_A. Vivaldi Allegro.mp3 (5.3 MB)
  • Liona Boyd_12_A. Vivaldi Largo.mp3 (7.4 MB)
  • Liona Boyd_13_A. Vivaldi Allegro.mp3 (3.1 MB)

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Download Liona Boyd tracks. Albums: 3. Relaxing Guitar for Insomnia, Dreaming and Romance. To Canada with Love, 2013. Song Of Peace - Liona Boyd Christmas Dreams, 1989. Cantarell - Liona Boyd Passport To Serenity, 2000. Samba Para Dos (Samba For Two) - Liona Boyd, Liona Boyd Feat. Jesse Cook Camino Latino, 2002. Return Of The Knights - Liona Boyd, Richard Fortin Dancing On The Edge, 1991.

Liona Boyd[Lossy Mp3 VBR] [Tntvillage]

Liona Maria Carolynne Boyd, LLD, D.Mus, CM, O.Ont, is a Canadian classical guitarist, composer, songwriter and singer. Boyd was born in London, England on July 11, 1949, moved to Canada as an eight year old and became a naturalized Canadian citizen in 1975.
Boyd's father grew up in Bilbao, Spain and her mother grew up in Stoke-on-Trent, England. Her grandmother was from Linares, Spain, the same town where the classical guitarist Andres Segovia was born. She performed her first concert in a talent show on the ocean liner during a voyage, playing "The Blue Bells of Scotland" on a treble recorder. Boyd received her first guitar as a Christmas present from her parents when she was 13.
In 1962 Boyd saw the English guitarist Julian Bream perform in the Eatons Auditorium, the concert hall in Toronto where Glenn Gould recorded many of his renowned works. Boyd vowed to master the guitar after watching Bream’s performance. "That concert changed my life when I was 14,” said Boyd.
As a teenager Boyd took private lessons with Andres Segovia, as well as with Eli Kassner, Narciso Yepes, Alirio Diaz and Julian Bream.
In 1972 Boyd graduated with honours from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Performance. The same year she won the Canadian National Music Competition, held in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec. In 1974 Boyd toured England with British guitarist John Mills.
From 1972-1974, she studied privately in Paris with Alexandre Lagoya, the renowned French classical guitarist.
In 1972, while studying with Lagoya, she busked on the streets of Nice for extra money. She also performed recitals in Belgium and Holland during this period. In Paris she performed at the Canadian Cultural Center and the American Cathedral.
Boyd has honorary doctorates from the University of Lethbridge, University of Toronto, Simon Fraser University, Brock University and the University of Victoria.
She has won the Juno award for Instrumental Artist of the Year five times.
First Lady of the Guitar
Boyd appeared on the cover of The Canadian magazine in the late 1970s. In the story she was referred to as “The First Lady of the Guitar, a sobriquet that she has been identified with ever since. In 1978 Boyd released The First Lady of the Guitar.
Publication of Autobiography
In 2008, Stoddard Publishing of Toronto, Canada published Boyd's autobiography In My Own Key: My Life in Love and Music.[4]
Performing career
In 1975, after her New York debut at Carnegie Recital Hall, Andres Segovia wrote a prescient message on a card and passed it to Boyd: “Through your beauty and talent you will conquer the public, philharmonic or not.” [5]
Since her New York debut, Liona Boyd has performed thousands of concerts in dozens of countries around the world. She has performed in all the major North American cities, as well as concert halls in London, Paris, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Munich, Santiago, Rio, São Paulo, Bogota, Havana, Lisbon, Mexico City, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Bangkok, New Delhi, Calcutta, Bombay, Kathmandu, Singapore, Cairo, Istanbul, Thessaloniki, Athens, San Jose, San Salvador, and Santiago.
In the summer of 1976, Boyd opened for Gordon Lightfoot at major summer festivals in the United States.
In late November 2005, she undertook a six week classical tour of northern British Columbia and the Yukon, performing in high schools, churches, and hotel dining rooms. “Tradition has it that folk and pop artists pay their dues playing to rough crowds in smoky bars; I was paying mine in all the remote, snowbound communities of northwest Canada,” wrote Boyd in her autobiography.[6]
Boyd played many recitals at guitar societies across North America in the mid-2000.
Liona Boyd
In 2006 and 2007 she toured North America with Lightfoot, creating a new audience for classical guitar. In between Lightfoot tours Boyd continued to play smaller recitals.
Boyd performed for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip at the National Arts Center in Ottawa, Canada in 2007.
She has performed for many political leaders including Pierre Trudeau, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Francois Mitterrand, Zenko Suzuki, Giovanni Spadolini, Queen Sophia[disambiguation needed] and King Juan Carlos of Spain, Fidel Castro, Helmut Schmidt, Sir Michael Manley, James Callaghan, Jose Lopez Portillo, Eden Pastora, Oscar Arias, Prince Bandar, Saud bin Faisal bin Abdul Aziz, and Chun Doo Hwan.
In January 2007 Boyd performed in Chile, Brazil and Colombia as part of an anti-nuclear-proliferation tour organized by the Canadian government to caution responsible use of nuclear technology following the sale of CANDU reactors to South America.
Boyd toured Japan in 2008, playing solo and orchestral concerts.
She performed for G7 world leaders at the Twentieth Economic Summit Conference in July 1981 at the Chateau Montebello in Quebec.
In April 1982, Boyd performed the opening concert at the International Guitar Festival in Havana, Cuba.
She performed in Ottawa for the NATO Ministers of Defence in 1983.
In 1988 Boyd embarked on a 32-city cross-Canada tour.
She toured Europe with Tracy Chapman in November and December 1989 and performed in Frankfurt and Munich the week the Berlin Wall came down.
Boyd played a concert on Adnan Khashoggi's yacht Nabila, the day it was christened.[7]
Charitable performances
An essential part of Liona Boyd's personal philosophy is giving her time to a variety of charitable causes. Past charitable performances include:
* World Wildlife Fund
* American Cancer Society
* Help the Aged
* Variety and Leukemia Telethons (USA & Canada)
* The Weizmann Institute
* Mother Teresa's Hospice (Calcutta)
* Dixon Hall (Toronto's school for underprivileged children)
* Heart Institute (Vancouver)
* Israel Cancer Research Fund (Los Angeles)
* Para Los Niños (Mexico)
* Malibu Disaster Relief Fund
* Duke of Edinburgh Awards (Glasgow and Leeds)
* Friends of Sheba Medical Center
* Children's Environmental Health Fund
* Canadian Archeological Institute (Athens, Greece)
* Animal Protection League
* Walk on Water/Shake a Leg
Recording career
In 1974, Boyd released The Guitar, her first record. The recording was produced by Eleanor Sniderman, wife of Sam Sniderman, owner of Canada’s Sam the Record Man stores. The Guitar was released in Canada on Boot Records, a label started by Stompin' Tom Connors, a country singer-songwriter from Prince Edward Island. Boyd also released The Guitar Artistry of Liona Boyd and Miniatures for Guitar in Canada on Boot Records in the 70’s.
The Guitar and The Guitar Artistry of Liona Boyd were distributed in the United States and England by London Records.
In 1976 Boyd joined SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) and established Mid-Continental Music, her publishing company.
Liona Boyd has recorded with the English Chamber Orchestra; as well as with Chet Atkins, Yo Yo Ma, Gheorghe Zamfir, The Canadian Brass, Frank Mills, Roger Whittaker, André Gagnon and Strunz & Farah, the Toronto Children's Chorus and the Orpheus Choir.
In 1986 she recorded Persona with rock guitarists David Gilmour and Eric Clapton. The project was produced by Michael Kamen.
In 1995 she recorded several of the themes in the music by Maurice Jarre to A Walk in the Clouds. The music won the Golden Globe for best score.
She released Camino Latino/ Latin Journey in 2002, a record that features guest performances by Strunz and Farah, Al di Meola, Steve Morse, Jesse Cook, Johannes Linstead, Pavlo, Innis and Luis Villegas.
In 2009 she released Liona Boyd Sings Songs of Love with Srdjan Givoje and Seven Journeys: Music for the Soul and Imagination with Peter Bond.
Liona Boyd released six records between 1974 and 1979: The Guitar , The Guitar Artistry of Liona Boyd , Miniatures for Guitar , The First Lady of the Guitar , The First Nashville Guitar Quartet and Liona Boyd with Andrew Davis and the English Chamber Orchestra .
In 1979 Liona Boyd won the Juno award for Instrumental Artist of the Year.
Boyd released six records between 1980 and 1989: Spanish Fantasy , A Guitar for Christmas , The Best of Liona Boyd , Virtuoso , Liona Live in Tokyo , The Romantic Guitar of Liona Boyd , Persona , Encore , Christmas Dreams and Highlights .
In 1982, 1983, and 1984 Boyd won Juno awards for Instrumental Artist of the Year.
In 1986, Boyd recorded the breakthrough album Persona, a mixture of Rock, New Age and Classical, with cellist Yo-Yo Ma and guitarists David Gilmour of Pink Floyd and Eric Clapton.
Boyd released four records between 1990 and 1999: Paddle to the Sea , Dancing on the Edge , Classically Yours and Whispers of Love .
In 1996 Liona Boyd won the Juno award for Instrumental Artist of the Year.
In 2002 Boyd released Camino Latino, an album of original compositions in the nuevo-Latino style. The record features guest artists Al Di Meola, Jesse Cooke, Steve Morse, Luis Villegas, Pavlo, Johannes Linstead, Ron Korb, and Strunz and Farah.
Following a diagnosis of focal dystonia after the release of Camino Latino, Boyd was compelled to change the way she plays guitar. She reinvented herself by developing her songwriting and singing skills and playing less demanding guitar arrangements.[8]
Liona Boyd released two records in 2009. Liona Boyd Sings Songs of Love, seventeen duets with Srdjan Givoje, was released in September. Seven Journeys: Music for the Soul and Imagination, a collaboration with Peter Bond, was released in November.[9]
[CONTENUTO][b]Baroque Favorites Liona Boyd Plays Bach Albinoni Marcello Cimarosa and Vivaldi
01 - J.S. Bach Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring - mp3 - 3,92 MB
02 - T. Albinoni Adagio For Guitar And Strings - mp3 - 12,35 MB
03 - J.S. Bach Sleepers Awake - mp3 - 6,45 MB
04 - A. Marcello Andante Spicatto - mp3 - 4,49 MB
05 - A. Marcello Adagio - mp3 - 6,65 MB
06 - A. Marcello Presto - mp3 - 4,56 MB
07 - J.S. Bach Air On A G String - mp3 - 6,87 MB
08 - D. Cimarosa Allegro - mp3 - 4,23 MB
09 - D. Cimarosa Adagio - mp3 - 4,09 MB
10 - D. Cimarosa Allegro - mp3 - 5,13 MB
11 - A. Vivaldi Allegro - mp3 - 5,31
12 - A. Vivaldi Largo - mp3 - 7,38 MB
13 - A. Vivaldi Allegro - mp3 - 3,14 MB
per un totale di 74,70 MB
Sample Rate : 44100 Hz
Channels : 2
Bitrate : Variable kbps
Codec : MP3
Codec Profile : MP3 VBR V2
Encoding : lossy
Tool : LAME3.92
Tag Type : id3v2|id3v1
: 576
: 1152
: yes
: joint stereo
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