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288 mpeg Fleetwood Mac - Don't Stop Fleetwood Mac - Dreams Fleetwood Mac - The Chain has anyone got oh well part 1 and part 2 MP3? your help you be appreciated - many thanks in anticipation.

288 mpeg Fleetwood Mac - Don't Stop Fleetwood Mac - Dreams Fleetwood Mac - The Chain. br/~20Rumours%5b1977]]Front CD Back. Fleetwood Mac - Tango In The Night Quality: 192Kbps. has anyone got oh well part 1 and part 2 MP3? your help you be appreciated - many thanks in anticipation.

Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac BBC 1967-1968. Green, however, just sits down and plays Dead Shrimp solo, plaintive and emotional. off air tapes ? cdr eac. Of course, when you get Mac live, you don't just get Peter, but also Jeremy doing his Elmore James tunes, and his 50's schtick. I asked Graham Parker (a big Green fan) about seeing them live, he said some of Jeremy's 50's schtick was almost Spinal Tap-ish. But you do get some interesting Jeremy here, especially on May I Have a Talk and Crazy for my Baby.

Fleetwood Mac - Greatest HitsArtist: Fleetwood Mac Album: Greatest Hits Label: Warner Bros.

Here at Allflac 1982 Mirage.

Fleetwood Mac Album Anthology Compilation Live album Single 24 bit SACD. Fleetwood Mac Before The Beginning - 1968-1970 Rare Live & Demo Sessions (Remastered) '2019.

ch ations -Archives- -Solo-(Part-2)--Kitlope Movies. Blue Horizon Box CD 1 - Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac. 01 Heart Beats Hammer . LAC22 MB. eu Fleetwood Mac - Compilations, Archives & Solo (Part 2) - Kitlope misc. Be careful of what you download or face the consequences. 02 Merry Go Round . lac27 MB. 03 Long Grey Mare. flac14 MB. 04 Hellhound Trail.

Oh Well (Part 2) - 5:39 17. The Green Manalishi (With The Two Prong Crown) - 4:37 18. World In Harmony - 3:26.

Оф сайт: ww. leetwoodmac. 1968 - Fleetwood Mac - Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac (2004, Columbia, Austria, 516443 2) - 01:03:37. Oh Well (Part 2) - 5:39 17. 1970 - Fleetwood Mac - Kiln House (1990, Reprise, Germany, 7599-27453-2) - 00:34:32. Треклист: 01. This Is The Rock - 2:51 02.

Fleetwood Mac - Transmission Impossible .. If the content above is not authorized, please contact us via contactp2bt. 96. MB. Inxs - Discography Rare and Solo 1980 - 2010 p2bt.

Fleetwood Mac is the tenth studio album by British-American rock band Fleetwood Mac, released in July 1975 by Reprise Records. It was the band's second eponymous album, the first being their 1968 debut album. Among Fleetwood Mac fans, the album. Among Fleetwood Mac fans, the album is often referred to as The White Album. This is the first Fleetwood Mac album to feature Lindsey Buckingham as guitarist and Stevie Nicks as vocalist, after Bob Welch departed the band in late 1974

Performer: Fleetwood Mac Album: The Best Of Label: Columbia, Sony Music

Performer: Fleetwood Mac Album: The Best Of Label: Columbia, Sony Music.

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***Note Fleetwood Mac – The Chain: 25 Years has been added into this torrent (Part 2) of this 2 part Fleetwood Mac torrent due to some tracks in Part 1 not working. Delete The Chain: 25 Years in Part 1 and keep it from Part 2 as all tracks should now work.***
This is Part 2 of a 2 part Torrent
English Rose 1969
The Pious Bird of Good Omen 1969
Rumours Outtakes 1977
The Vaudeville Years: 1968 – 1970
The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions 1967 – 1969
The Chain: 25 Years 1999
Solo Work
Mick Fleetwood
Something Big 2004
Stevie Nicks
Bella Donna 1981
The Wild Heart 1983
Rock a Little 1985
The Other Side of the Mirror 1989
Timespace: Greatest Hits 1991
Enchanted 1998
Trouble in Shangri-La 2001
The Soundstage Sessions 2009
Lindsey Buckingham
Buckingham Nicks (including Demo’s) 1973 (Bootleg -Vinyl)
Law and Order 1981
Vacation Soundtrack (2 songs) 1983
Go Insane 1984
Back to the Future Soundtrack (1 song) – 1985
With Honors Soundtrack (1 song) - 1994
Out of the Cradle 1992
Words & Music: A Retrospective 1992
Under the Skin 2006
Gift of Screws 2008
Christine McVie
Christine Perfect – The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions 1970
Christine McVie 1984
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There’s an audiocheck folder present as I ran audiochecker to validate how authentic these lossless albums were. I’m glad to report everything looks good although there is an obvious case of some false positives. I don’t understand why Tango in the Night results came up so poorly using Audiochecker as it was a rip by me using EAC. I then re-ripped Tango in the Night and checked it again with Audiochecker and the same crap results occured. I had a downloaded copy (with log file) of the album and checked that as well and it had, yet again, the same crap results. My rip of Mystery to Me is, according the Audiochecker, 100%. Same with Timespace: Best of Stevie Nicks and Stevie Nicks Soundstage Sessions.
So this just confirms my suspicions of Audiochecker occurring some false positives as I had figured in the past. I wouldn’t worry about it if some songs from an album have a MPEG possibility as long as most songs are CDDA then you know its good. You’re just going to have to trust me on Tango in the Night being authentic since most are MPEG according to Audiochecker.
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From Wiki:


Fleetwood Mac are a British/American rock band formed in 1967 which have experienced a high turnover of personnel and varied levels of success. From the band's inception through the end of 1974, no incarnation of Fleetwood Mac lasted as long as two years.
The only member present in the band from the very beginning is its namesake drummer Mick Fleetwood. Bassist John McVie, despite his giving part of his name to the band, did not play on their first single nor at their first concerts. Keyboardist Christine McVie has, to date, appeared on all but two albums, either as a member or as a session musician. She also supplied the artwork for the album "Kiln House".

English Rose

English Rose could be considered the third album by Fleetwood Mac, released in January 1969 (see 1969 in music). It was originally a US-only compilation, combining 6 tracks from the UK-only Mr. Wonderful (*), 3 UK non-album single sides (**), two not-yet-released songs from the UK version of Then Play On (***) and one other previously unreleased track (****). It overlaps the 1969 non-US The Pious Bird of Good Omen compilation LP by five songs (^).
It is available as of January 2007 as a Japanese import. It is also available on BGO Records in the UK. Mick Fleetwood appears in drag on the cover.
1. "Stop Messin' Round" (Adams, Green) – 2:22*^
2. "Jigsaw Puzzle Blues" (Kirwan) – 1:36**^
3. "Doctor Brown" (Brown, Glasco) – 3:46*
4. "Something Inside of Me" (Kirwan) – 3:57****
5. "Evenin' Boogie" (Spencer) – 2:42*
6. "Love That Burns" (Adams, Green) – 5:05*
7. "Black Magic Woman" (Green) – 2:48**^
8. "I've Lost My Baby" (Spencer) – 4:17*
9. "One Sunny Day" (Kirwan) – 3:12***
10. "Without You" (Kirwan) – 4:40***
11. "Coming Home" (James) – 2:40*^
12. "Albatross" (Green) – 3:09**^
The Pious Bird of Good Omen

The Pious Bird of Good Omen is a compilation album by Fleetwood Mac, released in 1969 (see 1969 in music). It consisted of the first four UK singles and their B-sides, two tracks from the second album Mr. Wonderful, and two tracks by Blues artist Eddie Boyd with backing by members of Fleetwood Mac. These two tracks came from Boyd's album 7936 South Rhodes.
The US-only compilation English Rose was a similar package with a different track listing. In 2002, the tracks from this album were repackaged by Sony BMG and released as a new collection very closely resembling the 1971 Greatest Hits album, but with the addition of "Shake Your Moneymaker" and "Love That Burns".
1. "Need Your Love So Bad" (Little Willie John)
2. "Coming Home" (Elmore James)
3. "Rambling Pony" (Green)
4. "The Big Boat" (Eddie Boyd) *
5. "I Believe My Time Ain't Long" (Spencer)
6. "The Sun Is Shining" (Spencer)
7. "Albatross" (Green)
8. "Black Magic Woman" (Green)
9. "Just The Blues" (Boyd) *
10. "Jigsaw Puzzle Blues" (Kirwan)
11. "Looking For Somebody" (Green)
12. "Stop Messin' Round" (Green/Adams)
Rumours Outtakes

On March 23, 2004, Warner Bros. released a remastered album, with a bonus disc of rough mixes, outtakes, early demos, and session jams, with "Silver Springs" inserted between "Songbird" and "The Chain", but with no other reordering of tracks. "Silver Springs" was originally recorded to be on the Rumours album but was trimmed due to length and released as the B-Side of the single "Go Your Own Way". Nicks got the idea for the title when she saw a sign for Silver Spring, Maryland while driving with Lindsey. The name was, to her, so beautiful that she wrote it into the song.
1. "Second Hand News" (Buckingham) – 2:47
2. "Dreams" (Nicks) – 4:21
3. "Brushes (Never Going Back Again)" (instrumental) (Buckingham) – 2:50
4. "Don't Stop" (C. McVie) – 3:33
5. "Go Your Own Way" (Buckingham) – 3:06
6. "Songbird" (C. McVie) – 3:11
7. "Silver Springs" (Nicks) – 6:07
8. "You Make Loving Fun" (C. McVie) – 4:56
9. "Gold Dust Woman #1" (Nicks) – 5:02
10. "Oh Daddy" (C. McVie) – 3:58
11. "Think About It" (Nicks) – 2:55
o Re-recorded later for Nicks' first solo album Bella Donna.
12. "Never Going Back Again" (Buckingham) – 1:56
13. "Planets of the Universe" (Nicks) – 3:18
o Re-recorded later for Nicks' Trouble in Shangri-La.
14. "Butter Cookie (Keep Me There)" (C. McVie) – 2:11
o Chord progression was used in "The Chain".
15. "Gold Dust Woman" (Nicks) – 5:01
16. "Doesn't Anything Last" (Buckingham) – 1:10
17. "Mic the Screecher" (jam) (Fleetwood) – 0:59
18. "For Duster (The Blues)" (jam) (Buckingham, J. McVie, C. McVie, Fleetwood) – 4:26
The Vaudeville Years

The Vaudeville Years of Fleetwood Mac 1968 To 1970 is an album by British blues rock band Fleetwood Mac, released in 1998. It was a compilation of outtakes and unreleased tracks from the band's early line-up, none of which had previously seen the light of day officially. Available on double vinyl LP and double CD, it came with a booklet of extensive notes and anecdotes, and was the companion volume to Show-Biz Blues: Fleetwood Mac 1968-70, which was released a few years later.
Disc 1
1. "Intro / Lazy Poker Blues" (Green/Adams) – 3:48
2. "My Baby's Sweeter" (Dixon) – 3:53
3. "Love That Burns" (Green/Adams) – 4:15
4. "Talk To Me Baby" (James) – 3:37
5. "Everyday I Have The Blues #1" (Chatman) – 4:13
6. "Jeremy's Contribution To Doo-Wop" (Spencer) – 3:34
7. "Everyday I Have The Blues #2" (Chatman) – 4:23
8. "Death Bells" (Hopkins) – 5:05
9. "(Watch Out For Yourself) Mr Jones" (Spencer) – 3:35
10. "Man Of Action" (Spencer) – 5:21
11. "Do You Give A Damn For Me" (Green) – 3:45 ~ Early version of "Showbiz Blues"
12. "Man Of The World" (Green) – 3:28
13. "Like It This Way" (Kirwan) – 3:17
14. "Blues In B Flat Minor" (Green) – 4:16 ~ Instrumental version of "Before The Beginning"
15. "Someone's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight" (Spencer) – 2:58 ~ Full-length version
16. "Although The Sun Is Shining" (Kirwan) – 2:24
17. "Showbiz Blues" (Green) – 6:51
Disc 2
1. "Underway" (Green) – 16:15 ~ Full-length version
2. "The Madge Sessions #1" (J McVie/Fleetwood) – 17:21
3. "The Madge Sessions #2" (J McVie/Fleetwood) – 2:42
4. "(That's What) I Want You To Know" (Spencer) – 3:54
5. "Oh Well" (Green) – 2:47
6. "Love It Seems" (Kirwan) – 2:39
7. "Mighty Cold" (Pomus/Shuman) – 2:28
8. "Fast Talking Woman Blues" (Green) – 4:02 ~ Also known as "Drifting"
9. "Tell Me From The Start" (Kirwan) – 2:02
10. "October Jam #1" (Kirwan/Green/J McVie) – 5:01
11. "October Jam #2" (Kirwan/Green/J McVie/Fleetwood) – 1:57
12. "The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Prong Crown)" (Green) – 4:43
13. "World In Harmony" (Kirwan/Green) – 3:28
14. "Farewell" (Kirwan) – 2:18 ~ Early demo of "Earl Gray"
The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions

The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions 1967-1969 is a boxed set by British blues rock band Fleetwood Mac, released in 1999. It was a 6CD compilation of previously released material, plus outtakes and unreleased tracks from the band's early line-up, coming in a longbox with individually boxed CDs and a booklet of extensive notes and anecdotes, written by producer Mike Vernon. It represents the entire recorded output of Fleetwood Mac whilst they were signed to the Blue Horizon label.
CD 1 - Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac
1. "My Heart Beat Like A Hammer" [Take 2 master with studio talk] – 3:31
2. "Merry Go Round" [Take 2 master with studio talk] – 4:19
3. "Long Grey Mare" – 2:15
4. "Hellhound on My Trail" [Take 1 complete master] – 2:04
5. "Shake Your Moneymaker" [Master with studio talk] – 3:11
6. "Looking For Somebody" – 2:50
7. "No Place To Go" – 3:20
8. "My Baby's Good To Me" – 2:50
9. "I Loved Another Woman" – 2:55
10. "Cold Black Night" – 3:15
11. "The World Keep On Turning" – 2:27
12. "Got To Move" – 3:19
13. "My Heart Beat Like A Hammer" [Take 1] – 3:42
14. "Merry Go Round" [Take 1] – 0:54
15. "I Loved Another Woman" [Takes 1-4] – 6:08
16. "I Loved Another Woman" [Take 5 (Master Remix) and 6] – 5:08
17. "Cold Black Night" [Takes 1-5, and 6 (Master Remix)] – 5:28
18. "You're So Evil" – 3:05
19. "I'm Coming Home To Stay" – 2:27
CD 2 - Mr. Wonderful
1. "Stop Messin' Round" [Take 4 master (album) remix with studio talk] – 2:34
2. "I've Lost My Baby" – 4:15
3. "Rollin' Man" – 2:52
4. "Dust My Broom" – 2:51
5. "Love That Burns" – 5:01
6. "Doctor Brown" – 3:43
7. "Need Your Love Tonight" – 3:26
8. "If You Be My Baby" – 3:52
9. "Evenin' Boogie" – 2:40
10. "Lazy Poker Blues" – 2:34
11. "Coming Home" – 2:38
12. "Trying So Hard To Forget" – 4:45
13. "Stop Messin' Round" [Takes 1-3] – 4:32
14. "Stop Messin' Round" [Take 5 master (single) remix] – 2:47
15. "I Held My Baby Last Night" – 4:26
16. "Mystery Boogie" – 2:51
CD 3 - The Pious Bird Of Good Omen
1. "Need Your Love So Bad" (Version #2) [Take 2 remix] – 6:55
2. "Rambling Pony" [Master remix] – 3:32
3. "I Believe My Time Ain't Long" [Master remix with studio talk] – 3:01
4. "The Sun Is Shining" – 3:10
5. "Albatross" – 3:10
6. "Black Magic Woman" – 2:46
7. "Jigsaw Puzzle Blues" – 1:33
8. "Like Crying" – 2:29
9. "Need Your Love So Bad" (Version #1) [Takes 1-3] – 11:33
10. "Need Your Love So Bad" (Version #2) [Takes 1-2] – 13:06
11. "Need Your Love So Bad" (Version #2) [Take 3] – 6:18
12. "Need Your Love So Bad" (USA Version) – 6:18
CD 4 - Blues Jam In Chicago — Volume One
1. "Watch Out" – 4:15
2. "Ooh Baby" – 4:05
3. "South Indiana" [Take 1] – 3:14
4. "South Indiana" [Take 2] – 3:47
5. "Last Night" – 4:56
6. "Red Hot Jam" [Take 1 with studio talk] – 5:55
7. "Red Hot Jam" – 6:02
8. "I'm Worried" – 3:44
9. "I Held My Baby Last Night" – 5:16
10. "Madison Blues" – 4:55
11. "I Can't Hold Out" – 4:49
12. "Bobby's Rock" – 3:59
13. "I Need Your Love" [Take 2 master with studio talk] – 4:32
14. "Horton's Boogie Woogie" [Take 1] – 3:37
15. "I Got The Blues" [Master with false start] – 4:53
CD 5 - Blues Jam In Chicago — Volume Two
1. "World's In A Tangle" – 5:25
2. "Talk With You" – 3:28
3. "Like It This Way" – 4:24
4. "Someday Soon Baby" – 7:36
5. "Hungry Country Girl" – 5:43
6. "Black Jack Blues" – 5:08
7. "Everyday I Have The Blues" – 4:55
8. "Rockin' Boogie" – 3:58
9. "My Baby's Gone" – 4:04
10. "Sugar Mama" [Take 1] – 0:49
11. "Sugar Mama" – 6:08
12. "Homework" – 3:19
13. "Honey Boy Blues" – 2:20
14. "I Need Your Love" [Take 1] – 2:15
15. "Horton's Boogie Woogie" [Take 2] – 3:40
16. "Have A Good Time" – 4:54
17. "That's Wrong" – 4:12
18. "Rock Me Baby" – 3:23
CD 6 - The Original Fleetwood Mac
1. "Drifting" – 3:31
2. "Leaving Town Blues" [Take 5 master remix] – 3:09
3. "Watch Out" [Take 2 master remix] – 4:46
4. "A Fool No More" [Takes 1-7, and 8 (master alternative mix)] – 7:59
5. "Mean Old Fireman" [Take 1 and 2 {master alternative mix)] – 4:06
6. "Can't Afford To Do It" – 2:02
7. "Fleetwood Mac" – 3:54
8. "Worried Dream" [Take 1 master remix] – 6:55
9. "Love That Woman" [Alternative mix] – 2:32
10. "Allow Me One More Show" [Alternative Mix] – 2:58
11. "First Train Home" – 4:05
12. "Rambling Pony #2" [Alternative Mix] – 2:53
13. "Watch Out" [Take 1] – 3:06
14. "Something Inside Of Me" – 3:54
15. "Something Inside Of Me" [Take 2] – 4:05
16. "Something Inside Of Me" [Take 3] – 4:16
17. "One Sunny Day" [Master remix] – 3:11
18. "Without You" – 4:30
19. "Coming Your Way" [Take 6] – 2:59
Michael John Kells "Mick" Fleetwood (born on June 24, 1947 in Redruth, Cornwall, UK) is a British-born musician best known for his role as the drummer with the blues/rock and roll band Fleetwood Mac. His name, combined with that of John McVie was the inspiration for the name of the originally Peter Green-led Fleetwood Mac.
Something Big

Fleetwood released Something Big in 2004 with The Mick Fleetwood Band.
Bitter End
Something big
Where The Wind Blows
Its Only Money
Walking with the Angels
Making Other Plans
These Walls
Looking Into You
No Borders
Watching Over You
Heaven Sent
Stephanie Lynn "Stevie" Nicks (born on May 26, 1948 in Phoenix, Arizona) is an American singer-songwriter, best known for her work with Fleetwood Mac and an extensive solo career, which collectively have produced over forty Top 50 hits and has sold nearly 120 million albums. She has been noted for her ethereal visual style and symbolic lyrics. In the early 1980s, and after a hugely successful first solo album, Rolling Stone deemed her "The Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll".[3]
Nicks was invited to join Fleetwood Mac in 1975 after Mick Fleetwood heard "Frozen Love", a song she wrote and recorded with then-boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham. Initially, Fleetwood only intended to hire Lindsey Buckingham, but Buckingham told him: "We're a package deal." Their first album after the addition of Nicks and Buckingham produced four Top 40 singles and hit #1 on the album charts. With the commercial and critical success of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours album in 1977 (which sold over 33 million copies worldwide), Fleetwood Mac gained international fame.
Bella Donna

Bella Donna is the debut solo album by American singer/songwriter and Fleetwood Mac vocalist Stevie Nicks. Released in July 1981, the album hit #1 on the U.S. Billboard charts in September of that year, remaining there for one week. Bella Donna was awarded Platinum status by the RIAA three months after its release on October 7, 1981, and has sold over 4 million copies in the U.S. Worldwide, it remains her best-selling solo album to date.
The album spawned four substantial hit singles during 1981 and 1982: the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers-penned duet "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" (#3), the Don Henley duet "Leather and Lace" (#6), the iconic "Edge of Seventeen" (#11), and country-tinged "After the Glitter Fades" (#32).
Bella Donna would mark the beginning of Nicks' trend of calling upon her many musician friends and connections to fully realize her sparse demo recordings. Along with friends Tom Petty and Don Henley, Nicks brought in famed session musician Waddy Wachtel, Bruce Springsteen's E-Street Band pianist Roy Bittan, and Muscle Shoals session man Donald "Duck" Dunn of Booker T. & the MGs. Though Bella Donna's personnel list includes some 20 musicians, the album is very much Nicks' own work, with all but one of the songs on the record written by her.
The album also marked the first recording featuring Nicks' backing vocalists, Sharon Celani and Lori Perry, who still record and tour with Nicks today.
1. "Bella Donna" – 5:18
2. "Kind of Woman" (Nicks, Benmont Tench) – 3:08
3. "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" (Tom Petty, Mike Campbell) – 4:02 Performed by Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty"
4. "Think About It" (Nicks, Roy Bittan) – 3:33
5. "After the Glitter Fades" – 3:27
6. "Edge of Seventeen" – 5:28
7. "How Still My Love" – 3:51
8. "Leather and Lace" – 3:55 Performed by Stevie Nicks & Don Henley
9. "Outside the Rain" – 4:17
10. "The Highwayman" – 4:49
The Wild Heart

The Wild Heart is the second solo album by American singer/songwriter and Fleetwood Mac vocalist Stevie Nicks. Released in summer 1983, a year after Fleetwood Mac's successful #1 album Mirage, it reached #5 on the U.S. Billboard charts and achieved Platinum status on September 12th, 1983. It has sold over 2 million copies in the U.S. to date, achieving double-platinum status in 1993, ten years after its release.
The album is notable for its array of prominent guest musicians. Tom Petty made a return to write "I Will Run to You", on which his bandmates from the Heartbreakers performed. Nicks' Fleetwood Mac bandmate, drummer Mick Fleetwood, made an appearance on the track "Sable on Blond". Toto's Steve Lukather contributed some of the guitar work on what would become the album's biggest hit single, "Stand Back" (#5), which also features an uncredited contribution from Prince, who played the synthesizer track. Nicks also worked with friend Sandy Stewart, who wrote the music for three tracks on the album and performed on several (Stewart would go on to write the 1987 Fleetwood Mac hit "Seven Wonders"). The album's final track, "Beauty and the Beast", features a full string section.
The set produced three Top 40 singles in "Stand Back" (#5), "If Anyone Falls" (#14) and "Nightbird" (#33). The first two singles featured accompanying videos that went into heavy rotation on MTV. "Nightbird" was performed live by Nicks on "Solid Gold", one of the few such live performances on that lip sync show.
1. "Wild Heart" – 6:08
2. "If Anyone Falls" (Nicks, Sandy Stewart) – 4:07
3. "Gate and Garden" – 4:05
4. "Enchanted" – 3:05
5. "Nightbird" (Nicks, Stewart) – 4:59
6. "Stand Back" – 4:18
7. "I Will Run to You" (Tom Petty) – 3:21 performed by Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty
8. "Nothing Ever Changes" (Nicks, Stewart) – 4:09
9. "Sable on Blond" – 4:13
10. "Beauty and the Beast" – 6:02
Rock a Little

Rock a Little is the third solo album by American singer/songwriter and Fleetwood Mac vocalist Stevie Nicks.
Released in late 1985 while Fleetwood Mac were on a lengthy hiatus, the album peaked at #12 on the U.S. Billboard Charts, and was certified platinum within three months of its release. Although sales did not match Nicks' earlier albums, Bella Donna and The Wild Heart (both selling in excess of 4 and 2 million copies in the U.S. respectively), Rock a Little contained the hits "Talk to Me" (#4), "I Can't Wait" (#16), and the mainstay encore for Nicks' live shows, "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You" (#60).
The album peaked at #5 in Australia, #8 in Canada, and #30 in the UK.
The subsequent tour for the album concluded with a show at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, which was captured and released on video (and later on DVD). Since 1991, when sales of albums have been tracked by Nielsen SoundScan, Rock a Little has sold a further 99,000 copies in the US as of May 2008.
1. "I Can't Wait" (Stevie Nicks, Rick Nowels, Eric Pressly) – 4:37
2. "Rock a Little (Go Ahead Lily)" (Nicks) – 3:39
3. "Sister Honey" (Nicks, Les Dudek) – 3:50
4. "I Sing for the Things" (Nicks) – 3:45
5. "Imperial Hotel" (Nicks, Michael Campbell) – 2:53
6. "Some Become Strangers" (David Williams, Amy Latelevision, Peter Rafelson) – 3:30
7. "Talk to Me" (Chas Sandford) – 4:10
8. "The Nightmare" (Stevie Nicks, Chris Nicks) – 5:23
9. "If I Were You" (Rick Nowels, Nicks) – 4:31
10. "No Spoken Word" (Nicks) – 4:14
11. "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You?" (Nicks, Keith Olsen) – 4:34
The Other Side of the Mirror

The Other Side of the Mirror is the fourth solo album by American singer/songwriter and Fleetwood Mac vocalist Stevie Nicks.
Released in 1989, it was recorded partly in The Netherlands, partly in Buckinghamshire in England, and partly in Los Angeles, and is loosely based around the theme of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The album reached #10 on the U.S. Billboard album charts, propelled by the hit single "Rooms on Fire" (#16), and eventually achieved platinum status. Following the huge success of Fleetwood Mac's Tango in the Night in the UK, The Other Side of the Mirror became Nicks' highest charting solo album there, reaching #3 and spawning her first UK top 40 hit with "Rooms on Fire" (also #16). Her first, and so far only, solo tour of the UK and Europe, (Sweden, France and The Netherlands) followed the album, as well as a tour of the U.S. "Two Kinds of Love", featuring vocals by Bruce Hornsby and instrumental interlude by Kenny G, became Nicks' first single to fail to chart, missing both the Billboard and Cashbox charts completely. The track "Long Way To Go" did gain substantial airplay, making Billboard's Top Album Tracks chart. "Whole Lotta Trouble" was released as a single outside of the United States and became the unofficial follow-up to "Rooms on Fire". Nicks included a live video for the song and also still includes it on her greatest hits packages.
1. "Rooms on Fire" (Nicks, Rick Nowels) – 4:30
2. "Long Way To Go" (Nicks, Nowels, Judge) – 4:06
3. "Two Kinds of Love" (Nicks, Nowels, Rupert Hine) – 4:48 performed by Stevie Nicks & Bruce Hornsby
4. "Ooh My Love" (Nicks, Nowels) – 5:02
5. "Ghosts" (Nicks, Campbell) – 4:45
6. "Whole Lotta Trouble" (Nicks, Campbell) – 4:58
7. "Fire Burning" (Nicks, Campbell, Hine) – 3:16
8. "Cry Wolf" (Jude Johnstone) – 4:12
9. "Alice" (Nicks, Hine) – 5:50
10. "Juliet" (Nicks) – 4:55
11. "Doing The Best I Can (Escape From Berlin)" (Nicks) – 5:53
12. "I Still Miss Someone (Blue Eyes)" (Johnny Cash, Cash Jr.) – 4:08
Timespace: Greatest Hits

Timespace - The Best of Stevie Nicks is a 1991 compilation album featuring songs from the solo career of American singer/songwriter and Fleetwood Mac vocalist Stevie Nicks. The album features many of her hit singles, along with three new songs: "Sometimes it's a Bitch", "Love's a Hard Game to Play", and "Desert Angel". The album has sold over 1 million copies in the U.S., achieving platinum status there in 1997, and gold status in the UK for sales of over 100,000 copies.
1. "Sometimes it's a Bitch" (Jon Bon Jovi, Billy Falcon)
2. "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" (Tom Petty, Mike Campbell) performed by Stevie Nicks with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
3. "Whole Lotta Trouble" (Stevie Nicks, Campbell)
4. "Talk to Me" (Chas Sanford)
5. "Stand Back" (Nicks)
6. "Beauty and the Beast" (Nicks)
7. "If Anyone Falls" (Stevie Nicks, Sandy Stewart)
8. "Rooms on Fire" (Nicks, Rick Nowels)
9. "Love's a Hard Game to Play" (Bret Michaels, Pat Schunk)
10. "Edge of Seventeen" (Nicks)
11. "Leather and Lace" (Nicks) performed by Stevie Nicks & Don Henley
12. "I Can't Wait" (Nicks, Nowels, E. Pressly)
13. "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You?" (Stevie Nicks)
14. "Desert Angel" (Nicks, Campbell)

Enchanted (or The Enchanted Works Of Stevie Nicks) is a 3-disc box set of material by American singer/songwriter and Fleetwood Mac vocalist Stevie Nicks, which encompasses her solo career from 1981's Bella Donna to 1994's Street Angel. The box set also contains rare B-sides, unreleased live recordings, demos, songs from soundtracks, a track from the 1973 Buckingham Nicks album, an outtake from the Rock A Little sessions, and a new recording of the classic song, Rhiannon. The box set was released on April 28, 1998. It peaked at #85 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Charts and was certified Gold by the RIAA on April 7, 1999 for sales of over 500,000 copies in the U.S.
Disc 1
1. Enchanted (From The Wild Heart)
2. Outside the Rain (From Bella Donna)
3. After the Glitter Fades (From Bella Donna)
4. Wild Heart (From The Wild Heart)
5. Leather and Lace [With Don Henley] (From Bella Donna)
6. Garbo (B-Side to Stand Back single)
7. Stand Back (From The Wild Heart)
8. Nightbird (From The Wild Heart)
9. Stop Draggin' My Heart Around [With Tom Petty] (From Bella Donna)
10. Beauty and the Beast (From The Wild Heart)
11. Kind of Woman (From Bella Donna)
12. If Anyone Falls (From The Wild Heart)
13. One More Big Time Rock and Roll Star (B-Side to Talk To Me single)
14. Blue Denim (From Street Angel)
15. Bella Donna (From Bella Donna)
Disc 2
1. Edge of Seventeen (Previously unreleased live version from The Bella Donna Tour) (Original version from Bella Donna)
2. Street Angel (From Street Angel)
3. Rock a Little (Go Ahead Lily) (From Rock A Little)
4. I Sing for the Things (From Rock A Little)
5. Rooms On Fire (From The Other Side of the Mirror)
6. I Can't Wait [Extended Rock Mix] (Original version from Rock A Little)
7. Two Kinds of Love [With Bruce Hornsby] (From The Other Side of the Mirror)
8. The Highwayman (From Bella Donna)
9. Rose Garden (From Street Angel)
10. Talk to Me (From Rock A Little)
11. Destiny (From Street Angel)
12. Ooh My Love (From The Other Side of the Mirror)
13. Desert Angel (From Timespace: The Best Of Stevie Nicks
14. Whole Lotta Trouble (From The Other Side of the Mirror)
15. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You (From Rock A Little)
Disc 3
1. Twisted [Demo] (Studio version from the Twister soundtrack)
2. Long Distance Winner (From the Buckingham Nicks album)
3. Thousand Days (B-Side to the Blue Denim single; originally considered for Rock A Little)
4. Battle of the Dragon (From the American Anthem soundtrack)
5. Gold [With John Stewart] (From the John Stewart album Bombs Away Dream Babies)
6. Free Fallin' [Tom Petty] [remake] (From the Music From Party Of Five album)
7. It's Late [Demo]
8. Violet and Blue (From the Against All Odds soundtrack)
9. Whenever I Call You Friend [With Kenny Loggins] (From the Kenny Loggins album Nightwatch)
10. Sweet Girl [Demo] (Live version available on the Fleetwood Mac album The Dance)
11. Blue Lamp (From the Heavy Metal soundtrack)
12. Gold and Braid (Previously unreleased live track, recorded during The Bella Donna Tour)
13. Reconsider Me (Outtake from the Rock A Little sessions)
14. Somebody Stand by Me (From the Boys on the Side soundtrack)
15. Sleeping Angel (From the Fast Times At Ridgemont High soundtrack)
16. Rhiannon [Piano Version]
Trouble in Shangri La

Trouble in Shangri-La is the sixth album by American singer/songwriter and Fleetwood Mac vocalist Stevie Nicks. Released in 2001, it was her first new solo album since 1994's Street Angel. The album returned Nicks to the top 5 for the first time since 1983's The Wild Heart, and achieved Gold status within six weeks of its release for sales of over 500,000 copies in the U.S. As of May 2008, the album has sold 660,000 copies in the US. [1]
Shortly after the somewhat muted reception to her previous album, Street Angel, Nicks asked close friend Tom Petty to help her write and record a new album. Petty advised her that she did not need any help and to have more faith in her own abilities, which Nicks recounts in the track "That Made Me Stronger". Later revitalised by the successful reformation of Fleetwood Mac for their live album and video "The Dance", Nicks then proceeded to record her new material, enlisting the help of Sheryl Crow, who had been a fan of Nicks for some years. Crow contributed the song "It's Only Love", and performed on and co-produced several tracks. The two became good friends and Nicks, in return, performed on Crow's "C'Mon C'Mon" album. The pair have also performed on stage together numerous times since the 1990s. When Crow's own career commitments prevented her from completing work on the album, Nicks enlisted the help of John Shanks, who had sent her a demo of the track "Every Day".
The dragon that is used for the "S" in Stevie's name on the album cover (and also appears elsewhere on the disc art) was drawn by Sarah McLachlan.
Though most of the songs on this album were relatively recent compositions, written between the years 1995 and 2000, there are three songs that date back to the 1970s:
"Candlebright" dates backs to the "Buckingham-Nicks" sessions (previously titled "Nomad"). The song was recorded by Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham in demo form, and was almost used on Fleetwood Mac's 1975 eponymous album, however Rhiannon ultimately made the album instead.
"Sorcerer" also dates back to the "Buckingham-Nicks" era and was recorded as a demo, as well as being performed on the subsequent tour. It was also considered for some Fleetwood Mac projects before ending up on "Trouble in Shangri-La". The track had also previously been recorded by Marilyn Martin in 1984 for the film soundtrack Streets of Fire.
"Planets of the Universe" was written during the Rumours period while Nicks and Buckingham were separating, which was Nicks' inspiration for the song. A rough demo (performed by Fleetwood Mac) ended up on the remastered and expanded release of Rumours in 2004. The extended version of this song, with the extra verse heard on the expanded release of Rumours, was released on a 6 track (now deleted) single.
1. "Trouble in Shangri-La" – 4:50
2. "Candlebright" – 4:41
3. "Sorcerer" – 4:55
4. "Planets of the Universe" – 4:46
5. "Every Day" (John Shanks, Damon Johnson) – 3:36
6. "Too Far from Texas" (Steve Booker, Sandy Stewart) – 3:48
7. "That Made Me Stronger" – (Nicks, Scott F. Crago, Timothy Drury) – 4:19
8. "It's Only Love" (Sheryl Crow) – 3:31
9. "Love Changes" – 4:23
10. "I Miss You" – (Nicks, Rick Nowels) – 4:15
11. "Bombay Sapphires" – 4:05
12. "Fall from Grace" – 4:31
13. "Love Is" – 4:30
The Soundstage Sessions

The Soundstage Sessions is an album by the American singer/songwriter and Fleetwood Mac vocalist Stevie Nicks. Although it is the first live album of Nicks' solo career, it was produced to sound like a studio album. It was released on March 31st, 2009 through Reprise Records.
The Soundstage Sessions was recorded in October 2007 before an intimate audience at Grainger Studio in Chicago, with the set list containing 18 songs. In early 2008, Stevie went to Nashville and entered the studio with director/producer Joe Thomas. In the studio, they added "Nashville strings" and additional vocals to the songs that were to go on the CD. Stevie wanted the CD to sound perfect, and when asked about the project has said "I am as proud of this as anything I’ve ever done in my entire career." The first single from the album, Crash Into Me, was released on March 17th, 2009 as a digital download
1. "Stand Back" (Nicks)
2. "Crash Into Me" (Matthews)
3. "Sara" (Nicks)
4. "If Anyone Falls in Love" (Nicks, Stewart)
5. "Landslide" (Orchestra version) (Nicks)
6. "How Still My Love" (Nicks)
7. "Circle Dance" (Raitt)
8. "Fall From Grace" (Nicks)
9. "Sorcerer" (Nicks)
10. "Beauty and the Beast" (Nicks)
Lindsey Adams Buckingham (born October 3, 1949) is an American guitarist, singer, composer and producer, most notable for being a member of the musical group Fleetwood Mac. Aside from his tenure with Fleetwood Mac, Buckingham has also released five solo albums and a live album. He is married to photographer Kristen Messner and has three children. As a member of Fleetwood Mac, he was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998.
Buckingham Nicks

Buckingham Nicks is a 10-track LP by Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. The album, produced and engineered by Keith Olsen, was recorded in 1973 for Polydor Records, right after Buckingham and Nicks disbanded their long-time band, Fritz. It was released that September and proved to be a commercial failure. The album has since gained cult status. It was reissued in 1976 when Buckingham and Nicks hit the big time with Fleetwood Mac. It should be noted that Nicks' name is misspelled as "Stevi" on the record.
A short tour through the American south commenced after the release of the album; Buckingham and Nicks had already joined Fleetwood Mac, but the band was still committed to the dates that were scheduled. Bootlegged concert recordings have recently surfaced on fan-sites and on peer-to-peer trading sites of two concerts in Tuscaloosa and Mobile. These tours featured early performances of Rhiannon, Sorcerer, and Monday Morning. The touring band consisted of Tom Moncrieff on bass (who later played bass on Nicks' first solo album Bella Donna), Bob Aguirre (from Fritz) on drums, and Gary "Hoppy" Hodges who played drums on the album. Moncrieff and Hodges later formed the band Sinai 48 with a new singer-songwriter duo in 2006, marking the first reunion of any members since disbanding, aside from the continued collaboration of Buckingham and Nicks.
Despite the enduring popularity of both of its key contributors, the album was never officially released on CD. Bootlegs dubbed from vinyl have circulated since the late 1980s. It has become one of the most requested titles for CD release. In 2003, Rhino Records announced the album's pending release as a deluxe CD with bonus tracks; however, the CD was never released. Buckingham and Nicks share ownership of the album. Two of the album's ten songs have been issued on CD so far. "Long Distance Winner" was released as part of Nicks' "Enchanted" box set, and "Stephanie" turned up on a promotional only CD release by Buckingham entitled "Words and Music (A Retrospective)." Another song from the album, "Crystal", was recorded by the revamped Fleetwood Mac for the group's 1975 breakthrough LP, Fleetwood Mac, and was also recorded by Stevie herself for the soundtrack to the 1998 film Practical Magic. "Don't Let Me Down Again" was rerecorded by Fleetwood Mac for their live album, and "Frozen Love" was performed several times during the tour to support the Fleetwood Mac album.
On an interview on WRLT 100.1 Nashville (9/11/06), Buckingham has expressed an interest in the album seeing the light of day on CD. He also suggested the possibility of a future joint Lindsey Buckingham-Stevie Nicks tour in the next few years to support the re-release. Buckingham-Nicks backing musicians Tom Moncrieff and Gary Hodges have also expressed interest in reuniting with Buckingham and Nicks in a possible future tour.
About this Bootleg Vinyl Release
This collection begins with the ten tracks that comprise the self titled album from Buckingham Nicks, their only commercially released album. While the album saw several vinyl issues, spurred on in part by curiosity after Mac became hugely successful, it has never seen any legitimate commercial release in the digital age. Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks own the full rights to the album and have come close to releasing it several times. Sources close to the pair state that Stevie very much wants it to be released but that Lindsey is the reluctant party.
The source for these tracks as they appear here is the original DLedin 16 bit vinyl rip of the album. This effort is considered to be one of the few consensus “must haves” in the crowded internet music trading pool. This is due not only to the fact that the album has never been released on CD (some bootleggers have made quite a bit of money as a result), but also because the quality of DLedin’s work here is magnificent. It is significantly better than any of the myriad for profit bootlegs that have materialized over the years. In fact, as bold of a statement as it may seem, there is ample evidence to suggest that a commercial CD release from the original master tape would fail to live up to the lofty aural standard set by the “needledrop”. First off, original album producer Keith Olsen stated that when preparing the digital master for an aborted 1999 release of the work, it was necessary to bake the master reel due to oxide flaking of the tape. This statement could lead one to assume with some probability that even ten years ago the analog master had suffered some deterioration. Even more compelling evidence can be found by way of two tracks that have seen commercial distribution. The first is “Stephanie” from the promotional compact disc “Lindsey Buckingham Words and Music”. The second is “Long Distance Winner” which appeared on Stevie’s “Enchanted” box set. Please find those tracks and compare them to their corresponding offerings here. The results will speak for themselves.
Tracks eleven and twelve are Galemark vinyl rips of two BN singles. The first, “Crying in the Night”, is more than a simple remix. The original session for the album track is retained, but is augmented with at least two extra guitar tracks from Lindsey (and/or perhaps session ace Waddy Wachtel) and some additional backing vocals. As a result, the song takes on a more aggressive nature that belies the album’s laid back SoCal feel. The second single included here is “Don’t Let Me Down Again”. This one is not a rerecording or remix, but simply a single edit which relieves the track of twenty seconds of soloing at the end, making it more “radio friendly”. This drop came from a white label promo 45, having the stereo edit on one side and a mono fold down on the flip side. The mono is chosen here to present the song in it’s full 1970’s AM transistor radio glory!
The next six tracks are demo recordings which have circulated extensively under the misnomer “The Coffee Plant Demos”. This title is in reference to a small storeroom in the San Francisco coffee plant of Lindsey’s father, where they installed a used Ampex four track recorder. “Sorcerer” and “Garbo” are widely reported to have been written after the couple moved to Los Angeles, and the tapes themselves have several characteristics that allude to them having multiple points of origin.
As odd as the title of this bootleg is, the configuration in which the songs are offered is even more unusual. The most common version of the bootleg presents seven songs. Each song is repeated for a total of fourteen tracks. Several of the tracks appear in two variations, one track with vocals and guitar only and another with the same vocal track and bass only (as an example, they vary from song to song). Some of the songs appear twice in the same configuration, but are titled as being different (the original bootlegger may have not had very acute hearing or perhaps wanted to pad the track count). Why the tracks circulate in this form remains a mystery, but one possible explanation is that Lindsey had distributed these mixes to other members of the Buckingham Nicks touring band as a rehearsal tool, showing each player what he wanted for a given song. The songs with distinct mixes are the ones likely recorded in LA, while the others may have come from the coffee plant tapes. One song that appears on the bootlegs, “Goldfish and Ladybug” sounds as if it was recorded on an office type cassette recorder with a built in microphone. The vocals are quite distorted and the guitar is very distant in the mix. For these reasons the track was not a good candidate for remastering and is not offered here.
The fourteen track configuration is the most common way that these tracks circulate, but some enterprising individuals, realizing that the same vocal appeared on each version, have attempted to line up the tracks into a “pseudo-stereo” (sometimes referred to as “true stereo”). This offers a more complete mix, but suffers from an overly pronounced vocal track and of course a terribly inappropriate stereo soundscape. Galemark sought to relieve these problems by starting with a new pseudo stereo alignment of the tracks. From this the goal was to perform isolations of the vocals and instruments. The vocal isos were not very good, but the instrumental versions came out with varying degrees of success. From this point, the pseudo stereo tracks and the instrumental isos were dumped into ProTools to create a four track that served as the basis for what is presented here. If the bass appeared in the left channel of the fake stereo version, an amount of the bass iso was mixed to the right. Since the iso is mostly fundamental, the attack of the note still came from the left, but the expanse of the sound came from both channels. Similar decisions were made for each instrument in each mix down. This approach relieves many of the problems that have always been inherent in these tapes. The volume balance is greatly improved and the stereo image is much more natural. Finally, literally hundreds of tape dropouts were corrected and a dusting of EQ and spot noise reduction was employed.
The notion that these songs are musically significant and not simple historical curiosities is borne out not merely by opinion, but by the fact that four of the six songs were resurrected at later points in the BN/FM saga. “Sorcerer” and “Candlebright (aka Nomad)” were returned to as part of Ms. Nicks’ 2001 album “Trouble in Shangri-La”. They appear as two of the five Sheryl Crow produced tracks. Ms Crow is a voracious student of rock history and an unabashed Stevie Nicks fan, who once said that “Stevie bridges the gap between…Janis Joplin and Grace Slick, and what’s going on today”. Perhaps Sheryl was already familiar with these demos and suggested that the lost songs merited proper treatment. “Garbo” appeared in 1983 as the b-side of Stevie’s “Stand Back” single and can still be found on the “Enchanted” box. Two years prior Fleetwood Mac revisited “That’s Alright” on their “Mirage” album. That leaves only two tracks that remain on the shelf. “Cathouse Blues” demonstrates that Lindsey’s finger picking technique is well suited to a style in which it is not often utilized. “Without You” serves as an apt coda to this set of demos. Lyrics like “If I’d not heard your laughter, maybe I wouldn’t love you. If I’d not sung your music, I’d not come rolling after you” foreshadow their later use of lyric as autobiographical therapy session that became so famous in songs like “Go Your Own Way”.
Speaking of foreshadowing, the last three tracks of this set are fascinating in large part for the way in which they point to the future. This small live set remarkably is not the only live recording that exists of Buckingham Nicks, but is far and away the one with the best quality. Even with a good basic tape to work with, Galemark still had a lot of remastering work to do. The tape suffered many dropouts, not just the fine and complete type, but also large patches of tape where there was mal-alignment, causing fluctuations in the frequency curve. These were corrected or minimized as much as possible.
DLedin and Galemark hope that you enjoy this presentation of what is (for now) the definitive collection of Buckingham Nicks.
1. "Crying in the Night" (Nicks) - 2:48
2. "Stephanie" (Buckingham) - 2:12
3. "Without A Leg To Stand On" (Buckingham) - 2:09
4. "Crystal" (Nicks) - 3:41
5. "Long Distance Winner" (Nicks) - 4:50
6. "Don't Let Me Down Again" (Buckingham) - 3:52
7. "Django" (Lewis) - 1:02
8. "Races Are Run" (Nicks) - 4:14
9. "Lola (My Love)" (Buckingham) - 3:44
10. "Frozen Love" (Nicks, Buckingham) - 7:16
11. Crying in the Night (single version)
12. Don’t Let Me Down Again (mono Single Edit)
13. Sorcerer
14. Garbo
15. Cathouse Blues
16. That’s Alright
17. Candlebright (aka Nomad)
18. Without You
19. Lola My Love (Live)
20. Races are Run (Live)
21. Rhiannon (Live)
Law and Order

Law and Order is the first solo album released by Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham, from 1981. "Trouble" was the album's biggest hit (a US top 10 hit in January 1982, which hit #9 on the charts), the album itself reached #32 on the Billboard 200. Mick Fleetwood played drums on the song.
1. "Bwana" - 3:08
2. "Trouble" - 3:56
3. "Mary Lee Jones" - 3:15
4. "I'll Tell You Now" - 4:21
5. "It Was I" (Gary Paxton) - 2:39
6. "September Song" (Maxwell Anderson, Kurt Weill) - 3:17
7. "Shadow of the West" - 3:59
8. "That's How We Do It in L.A." - 2:53
9. "Johnny Stew" - 3:09
10. "Love from Here, Love from There" - 2:50
11. "A Satisfied Mind" (Red Hayes, Jack Rhodes) - 2:49
Go Insane

Go Insane is the second solo album by American singer/songwriter and Fleetwood Mac vocalist/guitarist Lindsey Buckingham. The album was released in 1984, whilst Fleetwood Mac were on a lengthy hiatus between albums, and it reached #45 on the US Billboard album chart.
1. "I Want You" (Buckingham, Fordyce) - 3:18
2. "Go Insane" - 3:08
3. "Slow Dancing" - 4:05
4. "I Must Go" - 4:51
5. "Play in the Rain" - 3:21
6. "Play in the Rain (Continued)" - 4:14
7. "Loving Cup" - 5:02
8. "Bang the Drum" - 3:31
9. "D.W. Suite" - 6:50
Out of the Cradle

Out of the Cradle is the third solo album by American singer/songwriter Lindsey Buckingham. It was Buckingham's first album after his much publicised departure from Fleetwood Mac in 1987 (though Buckingham later rejoined the band in the mid 1990s). The album was released in 1992 and reached #128 on the Billboard album chart.
1. "Instrumental Introduction" (Buckingham) - 0:25
2. "Don't Look Down" (Buckingham) - 2:47
3. "Wrong" (Buckingham, Dashut) - 4:19
4. "Countdown" (Buckingham) - 3:21
5. "All My Sorrows" (Kingston Trio) - 4:01
6. "Soul Drifter" (Buckingham) - 3:27
7. "Instrumental Introduction" (Buckingham, Dashut) - 0:41
8. "This Is the Time" (Buckingham, Dashut) - 4:49
9. "You Do or You Don't" (Buckingham) - 3:37
10. "Street of Dreams" (Buckingham, Dashut) - 4:28
11. "Spoken Introduction" (Buckingham, Dashut) - 0:46
12. "Surrender the Rain" (Buckingham, Dashut) - 3:36
13. "Doing What I Can" (Buckingham) - 4:05
14. "Turn It On" (Buckingham) - 3:50
15. "This Nearly Was Mine" (Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein) - 1:36
16. "Say We'll Meet Again" (Buckingham, Aguirre) - 2:28
Words and Music: A Retrospective

To promote Out of the Cradle, Lindsey Buckingham recorded this 46-minute not-for-sale CD for radio and press exploitation. On it, he reviews his career dating back to the Buckingham Nicks album in 1973 (the inclusion of "Stephanie" marks the first time any of that record has turned up on CD). Fleetwood Mac hits like "Go Your Own Way" and "Big Love" are included, as well as Buckingham's three chart singles, "Trouble," "Holiday Road" (otherwise available only on the National Lampoon's Vacation soundtrack), and "Go Insane," plus three tracks from Out of the Cradle. In essence, this is Lindsey Buckingham's greatest hits, complete with the artist's commentary, and if it were available commercially, would be his pick album.
1. Interview/Opening
2. Stephanie
3. Interview
4. Monday Morning
5. Interview
6. Go Your Own Way
7. Interview
8. Tusk
9. Interview
10. Trouble
11. Interview
12. Holiday Road
13. Interview
14. Go Insane
15. Interview
16. Big Love
17. Interview
18. Wrong
19. Interview
20. Don't Look Down
21. Interview
22. Countdown
Under the Skin

Under the Skin is the fourth solo album by American musician and Fleetwood Mac vocalist/guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, released on October 3, 2006. The album, long delayed by Fleetwood Mac's reunion tour in the 1990s and 2003 album Say You Will, was his first solo release in 14 years. Under the Skin peaked at #80 on the Billboard 200 album chart in October 2006.
1. "Not Too Late" (Buckingham) – 4:42
2. "Show You How" (Buckingham) – 4:21
3. "Under the Skin" (Buckingham) – 3:56
4. "I Am Waiting" (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards) – 3:34
5. "It Was You" (Buckingham) – 2:48
6. "To Try for the Sun" (Donovan) – 3:14
7. "Cast Away Dreams" (Buckingham) – 4:28
8. "Shut Us Down" (Buckingham, Cory Sipper) – 3:57
9. "Down on Rodeo" (Buckingham) – 4:27
10. "Someone's Gotta Change Your Mind" (Buckingham) – 4:48
11. "Flying Down Juniper" (Buckingham) - 4:43
Gift of Screws

Gift of Screws is the latest solo album by American musician and Fleetwood Mac vocalist/guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, and was released on September 15, 2008. It is Buckingham's fifth solo album.
The album title existed as a solo album set for release in 2001 by Reprise Records. Songs were recorded between 1995 and 2000, some of which were performed and recorded live by Fleetwood Mac for their The Dance album and tour in 1997. They also feature contributions from bandmates Mick Fleetwood and John McVie.
Upon presenting the finished album to Reprise, Buckingham was advised to retain some of the material for a forthcoming Fleetwood Mac album. To this end, Buckingham contributed several of the songs towards the 2003 album Say You Will and ultimately his next solo project, Under the Skin, released in 2006.
However, the Gift of Screws project had not been mastered and high quality bootlegs made their way onto the internet via peer-to-peer networks. The title track takes its inspiration from an Emily Dickinson poem. The song was recorded during the sessions for Say You Will but did not appear on the album.
Buckingham mentioned in several interviews upon the release of Under the Skin that his next album was to be more rock-oriented and would possibly feature contributions from Fleetwood and McVie. The album features a song co-written with Buckingham's son Will and two songs co-written with his wife Kristen, who is also credited with the album's photography
1. "Great Day" (Buckingham, Will Buckingham) – 3:15
2. "Time Precious Time" – 4:27
3. "Did You Miss Me" (Buckingham, Kristen Buckingham) – 3:58
4. "Wait for You" – 5:02
5. "Love Runs Deeper" (Buckingham, Kristen Buckingham) – 3:58
6. "Bel Air Rain" – 3:52
7. "The Right Place to Fade" – 4:05
8. "Gift of Screws" – 2:56
9. "Underground" – 3:02
10. "Treason" – 4:28
Christine McVie (born Christine Anne Perfect, 12 July 1943, near Greenodd, Cumbria)[1] is an English rock singer, keyboardist, and songwriter. Her primary fame came as a member of the British/American rock band Fleetwood Mac though she has also released three solo albums. McVie has a contralto vocal range.
Christine Anne Perfect was born in the small village of Bouth in the Lake District, but eventually grew up in the Bearwood area of Smethwick, where her father, Cyril, was a college professor and concert violinist. Christine's mother Beatrice (called Tee) was a so-called medium, psychic, and faith healer. Her grandfather had played the organ in Westminster Abbey. Although Christine had been introduced to the piano at age four, she didn't really take to music until she was 11. She continued taking classical music lessons until the age of 15, when her older brother, John, brought home a Fats Domino songbook that transformed her musical interest from classical music to Rock and Roll. Her other early influences include The Everly Brothers and The Beatles.
Christine Perfect – The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions

Christine Perfect is the self-titled debut album of the music artist of the same name (Perfect being the maiden name of the future Christine McVie.[1][2]). It was released just after she left Chicken Shack but before she joined Fleetwood Mac. The album contained the hit single "I'd Rather Go Blind" from Christine's days with Chicken Shack. The album was re-released in 1976 as "The Legendary Christine Perfect album".
1. "Crazy About You Baby" (Williamson) – 3:03
2. "I'm on My Way" (Robey) – 3:10
3. "Let Me Go (Leave Me Alone)" (McVie) – 3:35
4. "Wait and See" (McVie) – 3:14
5. "Close to Me" (McVie, Haywood) – 2:40
6. "When You Say" (Kirwan) – 3:14
7. "And That's Saying a Lot" (Jackson, Godfrey) – 2:58
8. "No Road Is the Right Road" (McVie) - 2:49
9. "For You" (McVie) – 2:46
10. "I'm Too Far Gone (To Turn Around)" (Hendricks, Otis) - 3:26
11. "I Want You" (White) - 2:23
12. Tell Me You Need Me
13. I’m Too Far Gone (To Turn Around) (single version)
14. Hey Baby
15. It’s You I Miss
16. Gone into the Sun
Christine McVie

Christine McVie is a 1984 album by the musician of the same name. It was McVie's first solo recording since her 1970 self-titled release (under her maiden name). The album was a hit, peaking at #26 on the US album charts. It produced two hit singles. The first, "Got a Hold on Me", peaked at #10 on Billboard. The second, "Love Will Show Us How", peaked at #30 on Billboard. Lindsey Buckingham sings backup on track 7, and plays guitar on track 10.
1. "Love Will Show Us How" (McVie, Sharp) – 4:14
2. "The Challenge (McVie, Sharp) – 4:42
3. "So Excited" (McVie, Sharp, Burnette) – 4:05
4. "One in a Million" (McVie, Sharp) – 5:02
5. "Ask Anybody" (McVie, Winwood)) – 5:29
6. "Got a Hold on Me" (McVie, Sharp) – 3:52
7. "Who's Dreaming This Dream" (Sharp, Douma) – 3:32
8. "I'm the One" (Sharp) – 4:05
9. "Keeping Secrets" (Sharp, Pasqua) - 3:35
10. "The Smile That I Live For" (McVie) – 5:07
25 Years: The Chain

25 Years - The Chain is a compilation album (boxed set) by British-American band Fleetwood Mac, released in 1992. It consists of four CDs, covering the entire history of the band from its formation in 1967, up to 1992. The set features several previously unreleased tracks, and new remixes of familiar songs.
A condensed 2 CD version of the compilation was also available (see below). The new track "Love Shines" was released as a single in the UK, whereas the track "Paper Doll" was released in the US.
CD 1
1. "Paper Doll" [Previously Unreleased] (Nicks/Vito/Herron)
2. "Love Shines" [Previously Unreleased] (C McVie/Quintela)
3. "Stand Back" [Live] (Nicks)
4. "Crystal" (Nicks)
5. "Isn't It Midnight" [Alternate Mix] (C McVie/Quintela/Buckingham)
6. "Big Love" (Buckingham)
7. "Everywhere" (C McVie)
8. "Affairs of the Heart" (Nicks)
9. "Heart of Stone" [Previously Unreleased] (C McVie/Quintela)
10. "Sara" (Nicks)
11. "That's All for Everyone" (Buckingham)
12. "Over My Head" (C McVie)
13. "Little Lies" (C McVie/Quintela)
14. "Eyes of the World" (Buckingham)
15. "Oh Diane" (Buckingham/Dashut)
16. "In the Back of My Mind" (Burnette/Malloy)
17. "Make Me a Mask" [Previously Unreleased] (Buckingham)
CD 2
1. "Save Me" (C McVie/Quintela)
2. "Goodbye Angel" [Mirage Outtake] (Buckingham)
3. "Silver Springs" [1976 B-Side] (Nicks)
4. "What Makes You Think You're the One" (Buckingham)
5. "Think About Me" (C McVie)
6. "Gypsy" [Alternate Unedited Version] (Nicks)
7. "You Make Loving Fun" (C McVie)
8. "Second Hand News" [Alternate Mix] (Buckingham)
9. "Love In Store" [Alternate Mix] (C McVie/Recor)
10. "The Chain" [Alternate Mix] (Buckingham/Fleetwood/C McVie/J McVie/Nicks)
11. "Teen Beat" [Live] (Buckingham/Dashut)
12. "Dreams" [Alternate Mix] (Nicks)
13. "Only Over You" (C McVie)
14. "I'm So Afraid" [Live] (Buckingham)
15. "Love Is Dangerous" (Vito/Nicks)
16. "Gold Dust Woman" [Alternate Mix] (Nicks)
17. "Not That Funny" [Live] (Buckingham)
CD 3
1. "Warm Ways" (C McVie)
2. "Say You Love Me" (C McVie)
3. "Don't Stop" (C McVie)
4. "Rhiannon" (Nicks)
5. "Walk a Thin Line" (Buckingham)
6. "Storms" (Nicks)
7. "Go Your Own Way" (Buckingham)
8. "Sisters of the Moon" (Nicks)
9. "Monday Morning" [Live] (Buckingham)
10. "Landslide" (Nicks)
11. "Hypnotized" (Welch)
12. "Lay It All Down" [Alternate Mix] (Welch)
13. "Angel" [Alternate Mix] (Nicks)
14. "Beautiful Child" [Alternate Mix] (Nicks)
15. "Brown Eyes" (C McVie)
16. "Save Me a Place" (Buckingham)
17. "Tusk" [Alternate Mix] (Buckingham)
18. "Never Going Back Again" (Buckingham)
19. "Songbird" (C McVie)
CD 4
1. "I Believe My Time Ain't Long" (Spencer)
2. "Need Your Love So Bad" (John)
3. "Rattlesnake Shake" (Green)
4. "Oh Well, Pt. 1" [Original Mono Version] (Green)
5. "Stop Messin' Round" (Green/Adams)
6. "The Green Manalishi" (Green)
7. "Albatross" (Green)
8. "Man of the World" (Green)
9. "Love That Burns" (Green/Adams)
10. "Black Magic Woman" (Green)
11. "Watch Out" (Green)
12. "String-A-Long" [Jeremy Spencer solo song] (Duncan/Doyle)
13. "Station Man" (Kirwan/Spencer/J McVie)
14. "Did You Ever Love Me" (C McVie/Welch)
15. "Sentimental Lady" (Welch)
16. "Come a Little Bit Closer" (C McVie)
17. "Heroes are Hard to Find" (C McVie)
18. "Trinity" [Bare Trees Outtake] (Kirwan)
19. "Why" (C McVie)
Enjoy this Torrent :)

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