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Indus Creed is a rock group based in Mumbai, India

Indus Creed is a rock group based in Mumbai, India. It was founded in 1984 as Rock Machine and renamed in 1993, and included Uday Benegal (vocals), Mark Selwyn (bass), Mahesh Tinaikar (guitars), Zubin Balaporia (keyboards), Mark Menezes (Drums) and Jayesh Gandhi (guitars). It disbanded in 1997, only to regroup in 2010 with some new members

Indus Creed – Evolve. Band trade stadium rock for mellow groove on their comeback album.

Indus Creed – Evolve. Sharin Bhatti Jun 01, 2012. Don’t expect the enthusiasm of Trapped or the unbridled energy of Rock ˜N’ Roll Renegade you’ll be disappointed. This is not the Nineties and Indus Creed is not playing arena rock.

Evolve - Indus Creed. Songs: 8. Artist: Indus Creed. Songs: Indus Creed - Bulletproof 03:17. Indus Creed - No Disgrace 07:24. Indus Creed - Dissolve 07:38. Indus Creed - Come Around 06:28. Indus Creed - Goodbye 05:39. Indus Creed - The Money 04:05. Indus Creed - Take It Harder 05:23. Indus Creed - Fireflies 04:53.

Indus Creed holds the distinction of long being India's premier rock band. The trailblazing group was formed in 1984, in Bombay (now Mumbai), India, and was then known as "Rock Machine". Their Seeking to shed their college-band name and image, as well as mould their sound into a more mature and evolved one, the band decided to change their name-a radical move considering that by this time Rock Machine was the first name on practically every Indian rock fan's lips. Indus Creed came into existence in 1993. Gone were the 80s-style clothes and songs. The band adopted a name that signalled a more global and hip image.

Album · 2012 · 8 Songs. Listen on Apple Music.

Download Evolve by Indus Creed on the independent record store by musicians for musicians. Indus Creed is India's pioneering, and longest-running, rock band

Download Evolve by Indus Creed on the independent record store by musicians for musicians. Indus Creed is India's pioneering, and longest-running, rock band. Created before satellite TV entered Asia's airwaves in the early nineties, the band blazed trails that set the stage for the country's currently exploding indie scene

We will always have a soft spot for Indus Creed. For us children of the late 1980s and early 1990s, they were the first Indian rock band we saw, both on TV, and live. That was when "indie" was not a term associated with Indian acts at all, and Rock Machine, as they were known then, were just a pop-rock act, albeit one we could call our own. Today, the term "pop" has come to mean a bad thing while "indie" has come to be a catch-all phrase for anything other than Bollywood.
As a band of the late 1980s and early 1990s, Indus Creed remain decidedly old-school however at least in their decision to wait for, of all things, a suitably lucrative record deal before releasing their fourth album and the first by their current configuration, which got together in 2010. The album, entitled Evolve, was released in April.
A collection of earworms and growers, Evolve surprisingly works much better on record than in shows. There are guitar and keyboard solos aplenty, notably on "Dissolve" and "No Disgrace", tracks where guitarist Mahesh Tinaikar and keyboardist Zubin Balaporia respectively share writing credits with chief songsmith and vocalist Uday Benegal. However, they aren't elongated to the extent they are on stage. In concerts, the instrumental breaks make Indus Creed appear like prog-rock pretenders rather than hair metal heroes of yore. Never mind that they moved to a more alternative rock sound in the mid-nineties via tabla tinged tunes like "Trapped"; when it comes to the encores, the band knows that it's "Top of the Rock" and "Rock 'N' Roll Renegade" that the crowd waits for even today.
But it wouldn't be right to make a band prisoners to their past hits. And perhaps the most interesting aspect of Indus Creed circa 2012 is that they are among the handful of middle-aged Indian acts writing their own music (new recruits, drummer Jai Row Kavi and bassist Rushad Mistry aren't yet actively contributing to the compositional process.) The subjects that Benegal takes on are thus decidedly mature—corruption, on the marching beat-driven "The Money"; terrorism, on soaring ballad "Take It Harder"; and (presumably) divorce on album closer "Goodbye".
At just eight songs, Evolve is the band's shortest album since 1990's The Second Coming, which today plays like an ill-conceived effort at recreating the success of its predecessor, 1987's genre-defining Rock 'N' Roll Renegade. Ironically though the album contained arguably their biggest hit, "Pretty Child". Indus Creed are unlikely to be embarrassed by anything on Evolve, given that it's perhaps their most well thought-out selection of songs until date. Opening track "Fireflies", for instance, is their most evocative composition since "Pretty Child" while "Bulletproof" is a slice of classic rock that would do both their 1980s selves and their contemporary sensibilities proud.
Evolve's only flaw is that at times, it sounds almost too slick for its own good (the band got a name no less than British engineer Tim Palmer to mix the tunes; his credits include U2's Grammy winning All That You Can't Leave Behind). No, we didn't miss the existential musings that weighed down 1995's Indus Creed (though we understood at the time that it was their attempt to go "international"). Instead, we found ourselves searching for the guileless gusto of their game-changing debut.

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